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Higher Education

Communication in Everyday Life: Chapter 10

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) True
b) False

Question 2:

a) Problem orientation
b) Brainstorming
c) Brainsketching
d) Mind mapping

Question 3:

a) Crowdsourcing
b) Fantasy chaining
c) Quality circles
d) Brainstorming

Question 4:

a) that involves exchange of ideas on paper in a group setting
b) in which group members work independently at first and then share their initial ideas
c) that involves sketching ideas on paper, followed by sharing with others
d) that uses metaphors and analogies to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange

Question 5:

a) the same as a primary work group
b) another name for a project-specific work group
c) a group that only uses creative problem-solving methods
d) a group interview with a central purpose that guides the discussion

Question 6:

a) a focus group
b) fantasy chaining
c) crowdsourcing
d) a closed-source approach

Question 7:

a) group members have surrendered to groupthink
b) a group decision has resulted in disastrous consequences
c) all participating members believe they can live with the group decision
d) group members do not agree

Question 8:

a) crowdsourcing
b) a quality circle
c) a naturopathic approach
d) fantasy chaining

Question 9:

a) two
b) four
c) six
d) eight

Question 10:

a) implementing the decision
b) establishing criteria for solutions
c) choosing the best solution
d) analyzing and defining the problem

Question 11:

a) True
b) False

Question 12:

a) True
b) False

Question 13:

a) True
b) False

Question 14:

a) True
b) False

Question 15:

a) True
b) False

Question 16:

a) True
b) False

Question 17:

a) True
b) False

Question 18:

a) True
b) False

Question 19:

a) True
b) False

Question 20:

a) True
b) False