Dewey Diva Fall 2011 Picks

Adult List

The Man Who Created Tintin Maple Leaf Empire: Canada, Britain, and Two World Warsby Jonathan Vance

Maple Leaf Empire chronicles the deepening ties between Canada and Britain during the two World Wars. Told through the stories of individual Canadians caught up in these conflicts, it paints a vivid picture of the maturing relation-ship between the two countries.

Oxford University Press – 9780195448092 - $29.95 HC – September 2011 – Canadian History



The Man Who Created TintinHollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics by Steven J. Ross

Ross reveals how the film industry's engagement in politics has been longer, deeper, and more varied than most people would imagine

Oxford University Press – 9780195181722 - $32.95 HC – September 2011 – Politics



How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Seeing Through the Media Influence Heinrich Himmler: A Life by Peter Longerich


Heinrich Himmler was Hitler's top enforcer, in charge of the Gestapo, the SS, and the so-called Final Solution. Longerich explains how such a banal personality was able to attain such a historically unique position of power.

Oxford University Press – 9780199592326 - $34.95 HC – November 2011 – History


The Visual Arts in Canada: The Twentieth CenturyMissing Links: In Search of Human Origins by John Reader

John Reader's vivid narrative reveals both the context in which our ancestors evolved and also the realities confronting modern science.

Oxford University Press – 9780199276851 - $34.95 HC – November 2011 – Science



The Visual Arts in Canada: The Twentieth CenturyHow to Think like a Neanderthal by Thomas Wynn, Frederick L. Coolidge

The authors provide a brilliant account of the mental life of Neandertals, drawing on the most recent fossil and archaeological remains.

Oxford University Press – 9780199742820 - $27.95 HC – December 2011 – Science


A Better Pencil: Readers, Writers, and the Digital RevolutionThe Castrato and His Wife by Helen Berry

Opera singer and castrato, Giusto Tenducci, was one of the most famous celebrities of the eighteenth century. This book offers a compelling account of an unconventional love story and fascinating insight into the world of opera.

Oxford University Press – 9780199569816 - $29.95 HC – September 2012 – History/Music


The Lives of AntsChrist to Coke: How Images Becomes Icon by Martin Kemp

How does an image become iconic? This lavishly illustrated book illuminates eleven universally recognized images, both historical and contemporary.

Oxford University Press –9780199581115 - $34.95 HC – November 2011 - Art




BeautyThe Oxford Companion to Beer by Garrett Oliver

Attractively illustrated with over 140 images, this book covers everything from the technical elements of the brewing process to the social and political implications of sharing a beer.

Oxford University Press – 9780195367133 - $65.00 HC – October 2011 – Reference