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Higher Education

Making the Grade 1Ce: Chapter 12

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) concrete
b) considerate
c) correct
d) cautious

Question 2:

a) fundamentally
b) anachronism
c) analyze
d) armoire

Question 3:

a) prior to; before
b) purchase; buy
c) need; require
d) utilize; use

Question 4:

a) formal attire
b) black tie
c) evening wear
d) dinner clothes

Question 5:

a) jargon
b) stereotyping
c) racist language
d) euphemism

Question 6:

a) a group of words that begins with a capital letter
b) a group of words that does not start with the words 'and' or 'but'
c) a group of words that contains a subject (unless it?s imperative) and a finite verb
d) a group of words that expresses a complete thought

Question 7:

a) Come!
b) I slept.
c) He went; she went, too.
d) Because we want to.

Question 8:

a) The cat came into the room, and so did the dog.
b) Alper, who wanted to watch hockey on television, was disappointed.
c) Raisa would have gone sooner if she?d know that the sale was over on Friday.
d) Luka had a latte, Dylan had chai tea.

Question 9:

a) The papers were handed back by the professor.
b) The professor was hoping for better scores on the exams.
c) He didn?t know what he wanted.
d) At the front of the exam room, the desk was sitting empty.

Question 10:

a) She spent most of her time going to university, working at the campus book store, and sleeping.
b) He wanted to get take-out Pad Thai, meet a friend for drinks, and watch a lively scrimmage at the rink.
c) She had to do three things: study for exams, putting brownies in the oven to bake, and her facebook page hadn?t been checked for at least ten minutes.
d) He downloaded the movie, watched it on his laptop, and forgot all about his physics assignment.