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Higher Education

Making the Grade 1Ce: Chapter 3

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) the credentials of the author and something about the subject matter
b) why you are reading and what you are looking for
c) the relationship between the subject matter and the course as a whole
d) how to find the most important material

Question 2:

a) in the morning before you get too tired
b) all at once in order to get an overview of the information
c) often
d) after you have first looked up all the words you don?t know

Question 3:

a) It will improve your reading speed and comprehension.
b) It will accustom you to reading in different subject areas.
c) It will provide you with useful sources of information for essays and research papers.
d) It will give you examples of professional writing for the kinds of readers for whom you will be writing.

Question 4:

a) Keep a stopwatch handy.
b) Have a question in mind before reading.
c) Do not take notes.
d) Do not get bogged down by unfamiliar concepts.

Question 5:

a) read the text slowly and carefully
b) read a general introduction, such as a reliable online encyclopedia
c) rely on the lecture and assuming that the important difficult material will be covered there
d) take careful notes as you read

Question 6:

a) Think about the title and consider its meaning.
b) Scan the contents page.
c) Carefully read the introduction.
d) Read the first paragraph of each chapter.

Question 7:

a) survey
b) question
c) reflect
d) review

Question 8:

a) photocopy or print out material so you have a reliable copy
b) write text out precisely as it was written in the original
c) omit examples and small details
d) highlight and underline important points

Question 9:

a) taking notes that are portable and quick to review
b) engaging in active review
c) providing memory triggers
d) keeping a detailed record of everything that the professor says in class

Question 10:

a) recording full bibliographic details
b) using the precise words of the original whenever possible
c) storing photocopied material with your own notes
d) using your own words whenever possible