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Higher Education

Making the Grade 1Ce: Chapter 15

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) who your audience is
b) where you are speaking
c) how frequently you will have to give the same talk
d) how long you will speak

Question 2:

a) List all the things you know or have found out about your subject.
b) Eliminate all those items you think the audience might already know about.
c) Eliminate all those items you think the audience might not already know about.
d) Eliminate anything that is not important for your audience to know.

Question 3:

a) an account of Japan?s trading relations with other countries of the Pacific
b) a ranked list of solutions to people?s fear of snakes
c) the history of thought in physics from the seventeenth century
d) an overview of national responses to unemployment followed by a detailed examination of responses in particular regions

Question 4:

a) causal
b) foundational
c) elemental
d) order of dispersal

Question 5:

a) start with a clear, memorable statement
b) focus material on a small number of key points
c) be 'signposted'
d) end by raising new points for exploration or consideration

Question 6:

a) No more than 10 percent
b) Less than 20 percent
c) About 25 percent
d) About 30 percent (fifteen percent each)

Question 7:

a) about 75
b) about 100
c) between 125 and 175
d) about 250

Question 8:

a) 5 metres
b) 12 metres
c) 20 metres
d) 30 metres

Question 9:

a) 18-point font
b) 24-point font
c) 30-point font
d) 48-point font

Question 10:

a) Stay at or near the lectern throughout the question period
b) Conclude an answer by asking the questioner if his or her query has been dealt with satisfactorily.
c) Repeat aloud those questions that are difficult to hear.
d) Recognize questions in order.