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Higher Education

Making the Grade 1Ce: Chapter 8

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) It is an academic and professional responsibility.
b) It should be a generative and thought-provoking process.
c) It should conform to set rules and a predetermined structure.
d) It can be fun.

Question 2:

a) 20 and 50 essays
b) 50 and 70 essays
c) 50 and 100 essays
d) 75 and 95 essays

Question 3:

a) Read widely.
b) Devote sufficient time to research and writing.
c) Use a five-paragraph structure.
d) Write freely at first.

Question 4:

a) know the meaning of the word 'discuss'
b) know the meaning of the word 'analyze'
c) make an appointment at your university's writing centre to have someone proofread your paper
d) discuss the topic with other people in your class.

Question 5:

a) Go through the document.
b) Write out the headings.
c) Rearrange headings, if necessary.
d) Eliminate anything that doesn?t fit into the five-paragraph structure.

Question 6:

a) a diamond
b) a hexagon
c) an hourglass
d) a parabola

Question 7:

a) two
b) three
c) four to five
d) six

Question 8:

a) Whose evidence and argument do you accept?
b) Whose interests do the evidence and argument represent?
c) Why weren?t more books used?
d) How do you know that your source is credible or authoritative?

Question 9:

a) irrelevant
b) current
c) drawn from sources such as statistics
d) free from factual errors

Question 10:

a) graphs, diagrams, and maps
b) tables
c) word charts
d) photographs