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Indigenous Studies

Dickason/Newbigging: A Concise History of Canada's First Nations, 3/e
Burnett/Read: Aboriginal History, 2/e
Frideres: First Nations in the Twenty-First Century, 2/e
BURNETT/READ: Aboriginal History 2e
Dickason/McNab: Canada's First Nations, 4/e

Native Peoples, Fourth Edition

Edited by C. Roderick Wilson and Christopher Fletcher

Taking an anthropological approach, this text examines the history and culture of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis societies across Canada. Each chapter focuses on a specific community and a particular theoretical perspective, offering students an insightful treatment of the anthropological study of Native groups.(Read more)

An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English, Fourth Edition

Daniel David Moses, Terry Goldie and Armand Garnet Ruffo

Twenty years after the publication of its groundbreaking first edition, this collection continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of Canadian Native literature available in one volume.(Read more)

Philosophy and Aboriginal Rights

Edited by Sandra Tomsons and Lorraine Mayer

With an impressive array of contributors, including scholars, elders, and active participants in Canada's Indigenous communities, Philosophy and Aboriginal Rights offers an unparalleled examination of how Canada can foster a viable nation-to-nation partnership with its Indigenous peoples.(Read more)

Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity in Canada

Edited by Martin J. Cannon and Lina Sunseri

Featuring insightful contributions from over thirty environmental assessment experts, this text examines current debates, recent cases, and ongoing developments in Canadian EIA. Covering the extensive range of issues that EIA processes address, this an authoritative and up-to-date introduction to the field.(Read more)

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