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Social Work

LIGHTMAN: Social Policy in Canada 2e
REMPEL: Advocacy in Practice
SPENCER: Social Work Ethics
YAN/ANUCHA: Working with Immigrants and Refugees
IVES: Introduction to Social Work in Canada

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Diversity and Social Work in Canada

Edited by Alean Al-Krenawi, John R. Graham, and Nazim Habibov

Diversity and Social Work in Canada explores the question of how the social work profession can effectively address growing diversity among Canadians today. In this contributed volume, twenty-six academic experts offer cutting-edge insight into such essential topic as cultural competence, anti-oppression, experiential phenomenological approaches to identity, intersectionality of multiple forms of diversity, and localization of social work practice.
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Skills for Human Service Practice

Agi O'Hara, Zita Weber, and Kathy Levine

Now in its second Canadian edition, this text is a comprehensive guide to the practical skills used in social work and human services professions at the individual, group, team, organizational, and community levels. Featuring a wealth of Canadian examples and activities, this text integrates theory and practice to help students build real-world skills for their future careers.
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Interventions with Children and Youth in Canada, Second Edition

Maureen Cech

Combining an interdisciplinary approach with discussions of class, cultural analysis, and Aboriginal issues throughout, this text helps students develop the diverse skills required to practice effective helping relationships when working with at-risk children and youth. A comprehensive exploration of both theory and practical applications, Interventions with Children and Youth in Canada is a valuable tool for both practicing and aspiring social workers.
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Essential Law for Social Work Practice in Canada, Third Edition

Cheryl Regehr, Karima Kanani, Jesstina McFadden, and Michael Saini

This comprehensive guide to Canadian law and legal processes examines all of the major legal situations social workers may encounter - including child abuse, family violence, adoption issues, health care, mental illness, and immigration status - ensuring that students are well-versed in their own legal rights and obligations and know what to expect when testifying in court.
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Modern Social Work Theory, Fourth Edition

Malcolm Payne

This masterly text is a classic in its field and will be a reliable companion throughout the course of your studies and your career as a social work practitioner. In this substantially reworked and updated fourth edition of his best-selling text, Malcolm Payne presents clear and concise evaluations of the pros and cons of major theories that inform social work practice, and comparisons between them.
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Disability, Third Edition

Romel Mackelprang and Richard Salsgiver

The third edition of Disability remains an indispensable tool for human service practitioners in understanding disability from an empowerment perspective. The authors address policy, theory, description, and practice, stressing the difference of disability rather than the dysfunction of disability. The text is illustrated with in-depth personal narratives by those living with disability and thought-provoking sidebars that ask readers to consider the implications of their own reactions to disability.
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