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Women's Studies

Women's Realities, Women's Choices
Keough: Gender History
KIMMEL: Gendered Society Reader 3Ce
KIMMEL: The Gendered Society 2Ce
SILTANEN: Gender Relations in Canada

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Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies

WHITEHEAD: Gender and Identity

Stephen Whitehead, Anissa Themes, and Roy Moodley

With in-depth coverage of major theoretical approaches and a wide array of high-interest case studies, this fresh, up-to-date survey of classical and contemporary perspectives explores the complex connections between gender and identity in the modern world.  

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Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies

Speaking of Sexuality

Edited by Diane Naugler

Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies is a collection of 45 previously published works that reveals how views on sexuality have evolved from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Emphasizing the Canadian experience throughout, this anthology combines international examples from foundational texts with more recent Canadian articles that reflect the development of sexuality studies in Canada. Thematically organized readings offer ground-breaking research on topics from school dress codes to cohabitation to the impact of race, the media, health care, and the education system on sexuality today.  

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Sociology of the Body, Second Edition

Speaking of Sexuality

Claudia Malacrida and Jacqueline Low

Sociology of the Body brings together 42 classic and contemporary essays exploring the multitude of ways in which human bodies shape and are shaped by society. Employing an overarching intersectional approach, Claudia Malacrida and Jacqueline Low draw insightful connections among the diverse readings, revealing how different social constructs and relationships combine to influence how bodies are used, represented, understood, and managed. With an array of new readings and added coverage of the latest research and perspectives throughout, the second edition offers a thorough, up-to-date introduction to the sociological study of the human body.

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Gendered Worlds, Third Edtiion

The Cult of Thinness

Judy Root Aulette and Judith Wittner

Using the sociological imagination to explore gender relations throughout the world, Gendered Worlds looks at how concrete forms of gender, race, class, and sexual inequality operate transnationally; examines the impact of globalization on local and everyday life experiences; and identifies how local actors re-imagine social possibilities, resist injustice, and work toward change.

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